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700C vs 26inch Wheel Size for Touring
8 of the Best Touring Bikes: Tour them Straight Out of the Bicycle Shop
12 of the Best Touring Bikes With Flat Handlebars
A Complete List of Touring Bicycle Manufacturers with Pricing
All About Front Racks For Bicycle Touring
All About Rear Pannier Racks
All About The Best Chain Lube For Bicycle Touring
All About Touring Bike Brakes
All About The Best Kickstands for Bicycle Touring
All About Touring Bike Handlebars
Clipless Pedals: A Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages
Comparing The KOGA Denham Bar Shape With Similar Alt Bars
Cycling SPD Sandals: The Most Versatile Touring Shoe
Designing The Ultimate Touring and Bikepacking Handlebars, the KOGA Denham Bars!
Everything About the Best Fenders and Mudguards For Bicycle Touring
Frame Materials for Bicycle Touring: Aluminium vs Steel vs Titanium
Gear Ratios: How to Select Bike Touring Gearing
Handlebar Grips for Bicycle Touring
How To Decide Between The Surly Troll, Ogre, ECR, Bridge Club, Disc Trucker & More
How Would I Custom Build A Round-The-World Touring Bike in 2019?
How Would I Custom Build A Round-The-World Touring Bike in 2020?
Keep Your Bike Safe: Strong Bike Locks and Tips
List of Alternative Touring & BikePacking Alt Handlebars With Multiple Hand Positions
Saddle Comfort For Cyclists: The Best Bicycle Touring Seats
Seatposts: Overlooked Yet Critical for your Comfort
Understanding the Different Types of Touring Bike Available
Understanding Bike Fit: How Does It Work? Do You Need One?
Understanding Touring Bicycle Frame Geometry
What Is The Most Puncture Resistant Touring Tyre? Lab Testing Results
What’s The Weight Difference Between Derailleur & Pinion/Rohloff Bikes
Wheel Tech: All About the Strongest and Best Bicycle Touring Rims
Why Frame Stiffness Matters On Touring Bikes
Why We Should Drop The Drop Bars On Touring Bikes


10 Awesome New Tech Innovations for Bikepacking Bags
All About 20L+ Saddlebags, Porteur Bags, Rando Bags and Basket Bags
All About The Best Bikepacking Panniers for Off-Road Adventures
Analysing The Key Stats From 191 Different Bikepacking Bikes (2019)
Bikepacking Aerobars: Increase Your Comfort And Speed On Your Bike Adventures
Bikepacking Tyres: Which Brands And Models Are The Most Durable?
CrankTank4: A Smart, Space Efficient Way To Carry 4L of Water
Guide: How To Put Together An Ultralight Bikepacking Kit
How To Mount Front and Rear Bikepacking Lights
Is This Saddlebag Sway Stabilizer The Perfect Solution For Bikepacking Bags?
List of Bikepacking Bag and Frame Bag Manufacturers with Prices
List of Fat Bike Fenders and Mudguards For Wide Off-Road Tyres (2.2-5.0″)
List of Stabilized Bikepacking Bags With Rack Supports
List of Surly and Jones Handlebar Bag Options for Bikepacking
New 2017 Salsa EXP Series Bikepacking Bags
New 2017 Specialized Burra Burra Bikepacking Bags
Ortlieb Makes BikePacking Mainstream By Releasing Waterproof BikePacking Bags
Panniers vs Bikepacking Bags: Can Panniers Actually Be Lighter?
PDW Bindle Rack Is A Sway-Free SaddleBag Option For Bikepacking
Review: Ortlieb Handlebar Pack Bikepacking Bag
Review: Ortlieb Seat Pack Bikepacking Bag
The Biggest Bikepacking Trends for 2020: Adjustable Fork Rake, Short Stems & More
The Ortlieb Bikepacking Bag Range Expands For 2018 To Include More Sizes
The Ultimate Hike-A-Bike Setup
Vagabond Go Modular By Making BikePacking Bags that Turn into a Backpack
What Is A Bikepacking Bike? Is It Different To A Standard Bike?


17 Best Bike Trailers for Bicycle Touring
A Complete List of the Best Panniers for Bicycle Touring
A Complete List of Convertible Backpack Panniers That Can Be Strapped to Your Back or Bike
Carbon Tailfin Rack: Turn Your Road Bike into A Lightweight Touring Bike
Ortlieb Backroller Pannier Bag Tip
Ortlieb Releases New BackRoller Pro XL Panniers
Surly Releases the Porteur House 43L Front Bag for their Porteur Rack


Are Belt Drivetrains More Efficient Than Chain Drivetrains? (Lab Testing)
Drivetrain Efficiency: What’s The Speed Difference Between 1X and 2X Drivetrains?
How Much Does Bike and Gear Weight Actually Slow You Down? Part One (Testing)
How Much Does Bike and Gear Weight Actually Slow You Down? Part Two (Results)
How Much Does Dynamo Hub Drag Really Slow You Down? Lab Testing Results
What’s The Speed Difference Between Front/Rear Panniers and Bikepacking Bags? Results
What’s The Speed Difference Between Touring Tyres? Rolling Resistance Lab Testing
What’s The Speed Difference Between Gearbox Systems? Rohloff, Pinion, Shimano
Where to Best Carry A Load When Bicycle Touring: Front or Rear Panniers?


All About Buffer Batteries With Pass-Through Charging For Dynamo Hub Systems
All About The Best Dynamo USB Chargers For Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking
Dyna-Snap Dynamo Magnetic Cable Connectors Are Great!
How To Choose The Best Dynamo Hubs For Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking
How To Choose The Best Dynamo Lights For Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking
How To Set Up The Best Hub Dynamo System For USB Charging & Lights
List of Hub Dynamo Power Supplies for USB Devices
Sinewave Cycles Dynamo Light Has A USB Charger With Priority Mode
Supernova: An Insider Into The Best Dynamo Light Manufacturer


15 Reasons To Tour With A Rohloff Hub
23 Ways to Run Rohloff Shifters with Road Drop Bars
A Complete List of Gates Carbon Belt Drive Touring Bike Manufacturers
A Complete List of Pinion P.18 Speed Gearbox Touring and Trekking Bikes
A Complete List of Rohloff Frame Options For Custom Touring Bike Builds
Bpod PSH’R Trigger Brings Hydraulic Shifting To Your Rohloff Hub
Carbon Belt Drive: Everything You Ever Need to Know
Gebla Rohbox: Combine Road or MTB Shifters with Rohloff Hubs
How To Build a Strong Rohloff Wheel
Inside The Future 13-Speed Shimano Gearbox: Weight, Drive Efficiency & More
Kindernay XIV Hub: A 14 Speed Internally Geared Rohloff Competitor?
New 2016 Rohloff Thru Axle Rear Hub and Upgrades
New 2016 Gates CDX:EXP Expedition Carbon Belt Drivetrain
New 2017 Pinion Gearbox: The Lightweight Pinion C-Line
Pinion 18s Gearbox: The Future for Bike Touring?
Rohloff Hub Oil Change Instructions and Service How-to
Understanding the Different Types of Rohloff Hub


5kg Gear List: Folding Bike Holiday To Sri Lanka
5kg Packing List for Two Weeks Bikepacking Vietnam
9.5kg Bikepacking Packing List for Two Weeks Self-Supported
12kg Gear List: The Japan Long Haul Trailer Tour
25kg Gear List: CyclingAbout The Americas Over Two Years
Our Tandem Bicycle Touring Gear / Packing List
Our Complete Tandem Gear List: Everything We Take Including Weight


Gradient Threshold: How To Calculate The Steepest Hill You Can Cycle Up
JTek Shiftmate: Mix MTB Cassettes with STI Road Shifters to Lower Your Gearing
Here’s How To Achieve Low Gear Ratios From Modern 2X Drivetrains
Low Climbing Gears On Your Road Bike: Six Road Crankset Options
Low Gear Range: Road Shifters and Gears for Easier Hill Climbing
Pedalling Cadence: The Secret To Cycling Easily Up Hills
Wolf Tooth Tanpan: Mix MTB Components With STI Road Shifters To Lower Your Gearing
You’re Doing It Wrong: Hills Are NOT Harder Than Cycling On The Flat


BikeRoll Is The Easiest To Use Online Bike Route Planner
GPS Navigation: Bike Touring With A Smartphone
The Best Apps For GPS Navigation on a Smartphone
How To Put 100% Free GPS Maps on your Garmin
Is MapOut The Best Smartphone Mapping App For Route Drawing and Elevation?
Managing Digital Maps on a Tablet
RideWithGPS: How to Create and Export Custom Routes for a Smartphone / Garmin
SmartHalo: Helping You Navigate Without Using a Phone or GPS
Smartphone Navigation: Import KML Routes into the Maps.me App
The Best Bike Smartphone Cases and Mounts for Cycling


A Look at the New 2017 Shimano Deore XT T8000 Touring Groupset
All About Oversized Bidon Cages and Bottles
Broken Gear: Two Years of Bike Travel
Converting from 26 inch to 650B on a Touring Bike
Drop Bar Shifters: Gevenalle’s Simple Thumb Shifters With STI Convenience
Keep Your Trunk Bag Stable with a Toe Strap
Knog Oi Bike Bell: Is this the Classiest, Most Discreet Bell Ever Made?
Life Ultralight Brings A 19 Gram Map Holder To Your Handlebars
List of Fender and Mudguard Manufacturers for Bicycle Touring
List of Ways to Theft-Proof Your Wheels and Components: Locking Security Skewers, Seatpost Locks and More
Make a Presta Valve Adapter (Video)
New 2017 Shimano Transit Explorer Technical Clothing For Bicycle Touring
Rear Pannier Racks For Short Chainstays And Extra Heel Clearance
Saddle Comfort For Cyclists: How To Treat and Prevent Saddle Sores
Schwalbe Tyres: The Best for Bicycle Touring
SRAM Eagle 12 Speed: A Touring Bike Drivetrain with Only One Chainring Up Front?
Surly Releases 8-Pack and 24-Pack Porteur Front Racks
Surly Releases ExtraTerrestrial 2.5″ Touring Tyres
Suspension Stems: Making Your Ride Smoother
The Lost Art of The Ornamental Bicycle Head Badge
The Ultimate Power Resource for Bicycle Touring: Solar Panels, Dynamo Hubs, Power Supplies and Batteries
Tips for Picking the Best Shoes for Bike Touring
Use Barend of Downtube Shifters for Bike Touring
What Tyre Pressure Should You Use? Our Recommendations


A Complete List of Titanium Touring Bike Manufacturers
A Complete List of Touring Bikes Available in Australia
A Complete List of XS Touring Bikes for Smaller Cyclists: 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
A Complete List of XXL Touring Bikes for Tall Cyclists: 62cm, 63cm, 64cm
A Complete List of XXL XXXL Bikes for Tall Cyclists: 62, 63, 64cm+
A Complete List of Womens Touring Bikes: Step Through & Mixte
A Detailed Look At the Custom Frame Building Process
All About Bicycle Touring with Electric Bikes
Build a Lasting Round-The-World Touring Bike on a Budget
How to Build a Beautiful Touring Bike
How To Reduce Waste AND Design Bikes That Last Forever: The Circular Economy
My Custom Touring Bike Featuring Gates Carbon Belt Drive and A Rohloff Hub
Review of Cannondale Slate: Adventure Road Bike Long-Term Test
Santos Travelmaster Touring Bikes: The Most Innovative In The World?
Touring Bike Knowledge From 327 People Who’ve Done 8.1 Million Kilometres?
The 30 Nicest Touring Bikes in the World
Warning: Manufacturers Measure Frames Differently
What’s the Difference Between Cyclocross and Touring Bikes?


2016 Advocate Lorax
2018 All City Gorilla Monsoon
2016 Basso Ulisse
2016 Bianchi Volpe and Lupo 2016
2016 Bombtrack Beyond
2017 Bombtrack Beyond
2018 Bombtrack Beyond
2018 Bombtrack Arise Tour
2016 Brodie Elan Vital
2019 Cannondale Topstone
2016 Cannondale Touring
2016 Cinelli Hobootleg Geo
2018 Co-Op ADV 4.2
2017 Curve Grovel V2
2017 Diamondback Haanjo EXP Carbon
2016 Fuji Touring
2017 Fuji Touring
2018 Fuji Touring
2018 Fuji Touring Disc
2016 Genesis Tour de Fer
2016 Giant ToughRoad
2017 Giant ToughRoad
2018 Giant ToughRoad and ToughRoad GX
2016 Jamis Aurora and Aurora Elite
2019 Jones Plus SWB
2016 Kona Big Rove
2016 Kona Roadhouse and Sutra LTD
2016 Kona Sutra
2017 Kona Sutra
2018 Kona Sutra
2018 Kona Sutra LTD
2019 Kona Sutra and Sutra LTD
2016 Marin Four Corners
2017 Marin Four Corners
2018 Marin Four Corners
2016 Masi Giramondo
2018 Masi Giramondo
2016 Niner RLT9
2016 Rawland Ulv and Ravn
2016 Salsa Deadwood
2017 Salsa Fargo
2018 Salsa Fargo Ti Frameset
2018 Salsa Journeyman
2016 Salsa Marrakesh
2017 Salsa Marrakesh
2018 Salsa Marrakesh
2017 Salsa Vaya
2016 Specialized AWOL
2017 Specialized AWOL
2017 Specialized Diverge
2018 Specialized Diverge
2017 Specialized Sequoia
2018 Specialized Sequoia
2018 Surly Bridge Club
2017 Surly Troll
2016 Traitor Wander
2019 Trek 520
2016 Trek 920, 720, 520 & CrossRip
2017 Trek CrossRip
2018 Trek 920
2018 Trek 1120


Tandem FAQ: Everything you ever need to know
Tandem Tech: Everything you ever need to know
A Detailed Look into the Custom Frame Building Process
Alleykat’s Best Kept Secret: Travelling in Tandem
Build Breakdown: Our Tandem Spec
Hase Pino Tandem: Info from Long Distance Tourers
Initial Impressions: Tandem Bicycle Touring
List of Tandem Builders and Manufacturers with Pricing
Review: Co-Motion Equator Tandem Frameset
Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive CDC (Tandem)
Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive Centertrack (Tandem)
Tandem Trust, Trials and Tribulations: Panic Attacks on the Bike
Tan-Nay-Nay the Tandem is Alive and Well!
The Best of Bilenky’s Beautiful Tandems
This Moonmen M10 Electric-Assist Titanium Fat Bike is Out of this World!
Why We Chose Co-Motion to Build our Tandem Touring Bike


Carrying Luggage on a Folding Bike (Dahon, Tern, Brompton)
How To Choose The Best Folding Bike For Bicycle Touring
Review: Tern Eclipse P18 Folding Bike (1/2)
Review: Tern Eclipse P18 Folding Bike (2/2)
Unfolding Thailand 8.5kg Gear List


A Complete List of Stylish SPD Shoes Which Look Casual, Not Sporty
Battery Pack Recommendations for Keeping Your Devices Charged
Broken Gear: Almost One Year of Bike Travel
Broken Gear: Two Years of Bike Travel
Check Out This Beautifully Illustrated Bike Touring Journal on Kickstarter
Clothing Company List: Stylish Technical Outdoor Gear
Essential iPad Apps for our Trip
Getting Buff with Buff Headwear
Forget Laptops: A Tablet Can Do Almost Anything for Travellers
How Cool Is The World’s First Bicycle Touring Board Game!?
How Our Ultralight Tent Died
How To Avoid Dressing Like A Tourist
Our New Camera Equipment
Six of the Most Underrated Yet Practical Gear That I Take Bicycle Touring
Solar Panel Recommendations for Bicycle Touring
Stove Has No Heat Adjustment? No Problem!
Taking a Laptop vs Tablet on our Trip
Tents for Bicycle Touring: Everything You Ever Need To Know
To Lycra or not to Lycra
Travelling with an iPad: Which Cases?
Use Poptops on your Oversized Water Bottles
Video: How to Use Petrol with your MSR Multifuel Stove
Water Treatment for Travel: UV Filters, Pumps, Purifiers, Bags, Bottles, Tablets


10 Tips For Finding Great Food While Travelling
10 Top Tips for your First Bike Tour
11 Best Bike Touring Destinations In The World (According To Long-Distance Travellers)
15 Best Bicycle Touring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow
40 Best Roads In The World To Ride Your Bike
Alleykat’s Radio Interview for TBS Korea
Bicycle Touring Infographic: 121 Cyclists + their Bikes, Trips and Websites
Bicycle Touring Infographic: The 159 Best Bike Touring Destinations In The World
Cleaning Your Helmet… In the Shower
Couples: Consider zipping your sleeping bags together
DIY: Universal Sink Plug for $0!
Dog Whistles on Tour
Free Accommodation: Wild Camping (1/3)
Free Accommodation: Couch Surfing / Warm Showers (2/3)
Free Accommodation: Asking / The Magic Letter (3/3)
Free eBook: WorldBiking’s Burma by Bike
Get a good nights sleep: Inflatable Pillows
Girls on Tour: Use a GoGirl to Stay Standing
Guide: Bicycle Touring And Vegan Travel – Yep, It’s Too Easy!
Guide: Cycling from Thailand to India (2014)
Guide: Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand
Guide: Mountain Biking Bali: MTB Rides, Cycling Destinations, Bike Tours and Accommodation
How To Perfect Your Weather Planning For Bicycle Touring
Indian Pacific Wheel Race: The Ultimate Australian Bicycle Touring Route?
Keep Clean Without a Shower: Baby Wipes
Keep Your Feet Dry: Sealskinz Waterproof Socks
Keep Your Helmet Clean… In the Shower!
Keep your passport safe: Show authorities a copy
Keeping Your Valuables Safe
Google Translate: Speak to someone that doesn’t speak your language
Guide: How To Go Bicycle Touring / Bikepacking Japan
Learning Language on the Fly
Making a Hot Water Bottle for Cold Nights
Managing Money: The Kitty
Managing Money: Transaction-Fee Free Credit Cards
Money: Managing, Exchanging, Carrying Cash
Obtaining Visas for the Silk Road (2013)
Porridge Breakfast: A Cyclists Best Start to the Day
Predicting Weather
Save Weight: Replace Glass with Plastic
The Year-Long, 12,679 Mile USA Bike Tour With Perfect Weather Every Day
Things I’ve Learnt: Seven Important Touring Tips
Travel Advice, Information, Tips and FAQs for Central Asia
Travel Elastic Washing Lines are Awesome!
Travelling: How To Keep In Contact With Home
Travelling with Stoves and Fuel Bottles on Planes
Travel Guide: Bicycle Touring in Albania
Twin Rooms: Turning Single Beds into Double
Use your tent groundsheet as a picnic rug
Visa / Border Crossing Information for Central Asia
Visa / Border Crossing Information for South East Asia


Eurobike 2012
Eurobike 2013
Eurobike 2014
Eurobike 2015
Eurobike 2016
Eurobike 2017
Eurobike 2018
Eurobike 2019


Review: Aevon KIT L80 Trailer
Review: Cane Creek Drop Bar V-Brake Levers
Review: Cane Creek Thudbuster Seatpost
Review: Co-Motion Equator Tandem Frameset
Review: DMR V8 Flat Pedals
Review: Fizik Handlebar Gel
Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive Centertrack
Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive CDC (Tandem)
Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive Centertrack (Tandem)
Review: Gore Low Friction Cables
Review: Hebie 695 Steering Stabiliser
Review: Ortlieb Rackpack 31 Trunk Bag
Review: Pedal Power Plus Super-I-Cable Dynamo Battery
Review: Pedal Power Plus V4i Battery Kit and iCable
Review: Rigida Andra 30 Rims
Review: Rivet Pearl Saddle Pt1
Review: Rivet Pearl Saddle Pt2
Review: Schmidt SON28 Dynamo Hub
Review: Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tyres
Review: Shimano XT T780 Touring Pedals
Review: Stem Captain 2.0 Compass
Review: Supernova E3 Pro Dynamo Lights
Review: Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bike
Review: Tout Terrain The Plug III
Review: Tubus Cargo Rear Rack
Review: Tubus Tara Front Rack
Review: Velo Orange Crazy Bars


Review: Aerobie Aeropress Espresso Maker
Review: Airspresso Espresso Maker
Review: Airstash A02 iPad Wifi USB Drive / Expandable Memory
Review: Exped Air Pillows
Review: Hario Travel Coffee Grinders
Review: Mont Moondance Tent – Tough Enough For The Americas?
Review: Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 3 Tent
Review: Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 3 DP Tent Initial Impressions
Review: MSR Whisperlite Internationale Stove
Review: Phillips QG3280 Multigroom Pro
Review: Salewa Sierra Leone II Tent
Review: Spot Tracker 2 GPS Messenger
Review: Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad
Review: Topeak Road Morph Pump


Alleykat’s List Of Agreements That Will (Hopefully) Keep Us Sane
Alleykat World Trip Maps
Atlas Obscura Website
CyclingAbout The Americas: What Will I Plan, What Will I Improvise?
Initial Preparation: Creating Lists
Lonely Planet Blue List
Our Creative Route Planning
Riding Bikes with a Pussy, Without Being a Pussy
Stumbleupon Website
Taking a laptop vs a tablet for our trip


20 Amazing Photos From My Tour On The 900km Mawson Trail in Australia
A Bike Ride Along The 900km Offroad Mawson Trail in Australia
Cycling the 1000km Munda Biddi Trail In Australia
Ha Giang Bike Tour in Vietnam: My 20 Favourite Photos!