These Solo Women Cyclists Have Epic Bicycle Touring Experience

Solo women cyclists are a rare breed, so it’s always an absolute pleasure to encounter them in the wild.

Their experience of cycling around the world is very different from mine. I am two metres tall and never have to deal with any physical or verbal confrontation. I don’t have to manage a period, politely turn down sex, discuss why I’m not married or think too much about my personal safety.

Going on your first bike trip alone can be a nerve-racking experience. The instinct is to team up with a partner or friend, but it’s not always possible – I’ve previously found that waiting for others has held me back from going on adventures…

Fredrika cycled for 1000 days around the world and wrote a book about it! Image: Fredrika Ek

In light of this, I’ve created this portal to provide women with enough resources and inspiration to go from dreaming about a bike trip, to building the confidence to get out there and explore the world on a bike. I believe that by understanding how to deal with various situations (perhaps more so as a solo women cyclist), you can reduce any fears or anxieties you may have.

I haven’t listed any specific advice for women travellers here. Instead, click through the following links with the contact information for the solo women cyclists I’ve met, hosted, cycled with, read about and followed on social media.

These women are great role models, and many have written on their blogs about how to deal with issues unique to travelling as a solo woman. I hope this portal helps!

Touring Websites and Groups For Women Travellers

Heike Pirngruber in Image: PushBikeGirl

Women Cycle The World – A handful of profiles on solo women travellers
Bicycle Travelling Women – More profiles on solo women cyclists
Bicycle Travelling WomenFacebook Group with 6000+ members
Solo Women Cyclist Interviews – A series of interesting interviews by Heike Pirngruber

Around The World – Solo Women Cyclists

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I shared a few days cycling with German cyclist, Mina along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Ann JohanssonMairawa – Cycled Sweden to Tajikistan and Sweden to Thailand
Anna KitlarBikexploringCycled North America, Asia to Europe, Africa
Anne Westwards
Anne Westwards1.5 years through Asia and the Middle East
Astrid Domingo MolyneuxCycling Full Circle2 years through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America
Blanca FernandezBlanca on a BikeCycled London to Asia, now travelling Africa
BlandineKick The World – 5 years, 57000km, 37 countries
Barbara GrafCaretakerLong bicycle journeys all over the world
Carmen MickleyVegan Cycling41,250km, 31 countries, three continents, three years
Cinderella ServranckxCycling Cindy – 50000km across 45 countries
Dervla MurphyFull TiltIreland to India on a bicycle… in 1963! Check out her book on the experience.
Dorothee FleckWomen’s Cycling Guide – 12 years, 98 countries, 180,000km by bike
Eleanor MosemanWander Cyclist – 2 years, 26,000km, China, Mongolia & Central Asia
Emily ChappellThat Emily Chappell – Europe to Asia, North America and currently focussing on ultra-endurance cycling
Ewa ŚwiderskaEwcyna – Travelling by bike around the world since 2013
Fredrika EkThe Bike Ramble – 1000 days around the world, 51000km, 45 countries, 25 years old
Gaëlle BojkoBike to the Blocks – One year around Europe, Lake Baikal in Siberia (lots of snow!)
Genevieve FortinOn The Bike AgainHas cycled dozens of countries since 2006
Heike PirngruberPush Bike Girl – Travelling by bike around the world since 2013, an amazing photographer
Helen DaintyHels on Wheels – Cycling for six years (so far!), three continents, 43 countries on the bike
Helen LloydHelen’s Take On – 45 countries, 45,000km, four continents
Hera van WillickWild AwakeCycled extensively in Europe, Asia, North & Central America
Hyojin “Jin” Jeong – Universe With Me – 80000km around the world since 2011
Ishbel HolmesWorld Bike Girl – Cycled 20 countries over three years
Jeannette GagneA Voyage of Mysterious Me – Cycled to the “North Pole”, in Oceania and currently in Africa
Jenny GrahamJennyGrahamIsFastest woman to cycle around the world (124 days)
Joanna KaszewiakOn By WaysEurope to Asia by bike, bus and plane
Josie DewJosie Dew – 35 years of solo adventures, author of seven bicycle touring books
Jude & AstridFoons On Bikes – Australia to the UK, then the UK to South Africa
Juliana BuhringJuliana Buhring – Around the world in 152 days, ultra-endurance extraordinaire
Kate LeemingBreaking The CycleLots of big bike expeditions since 1993
Lael WilcoxLael WilcoxExtensive touring experience with her ex-partner, more recently has won ultra-cycling events solo
Leana NeimandLeana Neimand – Around the world since 2007, 89 countries, seven continents
Loretta HendersonSolo Female Cyclist – Cycled five continents, 51 countries, author of a book for solo women cyclists
Louise SutherlandLouise Sutherland – Cycled 60,000 kilometres through 54 countries in the 1940s through to the 1970s
Lydia LeibbrandtLydia Leibbrandt – The Netherlands to China as a 20-year-old
Mareike DorfMina Travels The World – Cycled Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and NZ
Marielle Jauring – The Biking Viking – 39000km across Australia, NZ, USA and Canada
Martina GeesColorfishFive years, 25 countries, 60,000km in multiple continents
Mirjam WoutersCycling Dutch GirlCycling all over the world, now with a toddler!
Nicole HekerUnlearning By Bike22 countries, 377 days, Thailand to Spain
Phoebe TanRiding CycletteNorthern Europe to South East Asia
Sarah OutenSarah OutenLondon to Russia’s far east, also long-distance ocean rower and kayaker
Snezana RadojicicSnezana RadojicicCycling around the world since 2011
Tara WeirMargo Polo21 countries, 37,000km, extensive travels through Asia in particular, but also Aus, NZ & N.America
Valentina BrunetValentina On Wheels – 25000km from Vietnam to Italy

The Americas – Solo Women Cyclists

Wiebke cycling across the famous Salar de Uyuni. Image: Wiebke Lühmann

Anna Kortschak A Thousand TurnsAlaska to Argentina (Europe too!)
Anna McNuff
Anna McNuffBolivia to Patagonia and 50 states of the USA
Anna-Luisa BeckeRadmaedchen – Canada to Guatemala, 10000km, 10 months
Cynthia ValladaresEn Bici al Fin del Mundo – Ecuador to Patagonia as a 24-year-old
Hilde GreenWorking On My Calves –  30,000km bike trip from Alaska to Argentina
Juli HirataJuli Hirata – Alaska to Argentina
Kate RawlesCarbon Cycle Kate – Brazil to Patagonia on a bamboo bicycle she made herself
Leah ManningCycle South Chica – Cycled from the USA to Argentina
Maria GarusSolo Woman Cyclist – Alaska to Argentina, 24000km, 33 months
Stefania CioldiShe Is Around – Cycled about South America with a very cute cat
Sissi KorhonenStrangerlessArgentina to Mexico over three years
Wiebke LühmannPack and Tri – Colombia to Argentina over six months as a 23-year-old

The Big Women On Wheels Book

There is a book you can buy that has personal accounts from more than 100 solo women cyclists!

This book has opened my eyes to the myriad of techniques women sometimes employ to travel the world on a bicycle. One technique that sticks in my mind is to not smile at men in various parts of the world, as it implies you’re open to sex.

Big Women On Wheels is US $8.50 and you can get a copy HERE

Am I Missing Any Women Who Have Conducted Big Solo Bike Adventures?

My criteria for this list (just to keep it somewhat exclusive):
– The rider has completed one or more solo 10,000km+ bike journeys.
– The journey is across multiple continents (eg. Europe to Australia, Europe to South Africa, North & South America).