Unfolding Thailand 8.5kg Gear List

I’m off to Thailand to discover some amazing new mountain roads on a Tern folding bike (review HERE). I’m so excited!

Tern Eclipse P18

It isn’t a self-supported trip in terms of shelter and food; we’ll be spending our nights in hotels and will be eating out of restaurants along the way. One of the focuses of this trip is to capture what it’s like to travel in Thailand, so I’m bringing 2kg of camera gear; that works out to be almost 25% of my total gear weight!

8.5kg is a bit more than I was hoping to get away with. There’s a good 500g which I’d be prepared to cut out if I had to, but really, what’s 500g when we’re talking 100kg of rider/bike/gear? A bidon of water? I’ll take that extra comfort, thanks.

Unfolding Packing

Bags: 1588g
– Ortlieb Backroller Plus Rear Pannier (835g)
– Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Handlebar Bag + Camera Insert (646g)
– Musette Bag (107g)

Clothing: 3817g
– 1x Long Sleeve Shirt (206g)
– 1x T-shirt (162g)
– 1x Singlet (144g)
– 2x Undies (154g)
– 2x Shorts (331g)
– 1x Rain Jacket (533g)
– 1x Socks (43g)
– 1x Cycling Kit (345g)
– 1x Kask Helmet (246g)
– 1x Oakley Sunglasses (29g)
– 1x Shimano SPD Sandals (1037g)
– 1x Birkenstock Sandals (587g)

Tech: 1813g
– Panasonic GH4 Camera (882g)
– Rode Lavalier Microphone (21g)
– Knog Qudos Camera Light (131g)*
– Gorillapod Hybrid (191g)
– Gorillapod for iPhone (68g)
Airstash A02 Card Reader (38g)
– Apple iPhone 5 (131g)
– Chargers, Cables, Batteries, Adapters, SD Cards (482g)

Spares: 553g
– Topeak Bike Pump (120g)
– Park Chain Breaker (76g)
– Park Tube Patches (3g)
– Multitool (142g)
– Tube (157g)
– Chain Lube (55g)

Toilettries: 543g
– Toothbrush and Paste (32g)
– Exfoliating Glove (13g)
– Deodorant (40g)
– Shampoo (50g)
– Soap (30g)
– Travel Towel (96g)
Beard Trimmer (123g)
– Suncream (50g)
– Insect Spray (50g)
– Basic Medical Kit (59g)

Misc: 236g
– 1x Passport (64g)
– 2x Plastic Cups (60g)*
– 2x Spoons and 1x Knife (77g)*
– Universal Plug (14g)*
– Elastic Washing Line (22g)*
– Sawyer Water Filter Bag (127g)
– Notepad and Pen (45g)
– Bike Lights (80g)

*Strikethrough items I didn’t end up using

Unfolding Packed