MapOut, The Best Smartphone Mapping App – Just Got Updated!

MapOut – which is by far the best smartphone mapping app I’ve ever used – has received an update recently with some new features. If you are not in the know, I have a very comprehensive article about the MapOut app HERE.

Sorry Android users, this is just a quick public service announcement to iPhone users…

Here’s Why MapOut Is King For Navigation 👑


1. The maps are offline – you just download the tiles you need (only a few megabytes each) and you can roam anywhere.
2. Contour lines and hiking trails are shown.
3. You can choose A and B locations, and MapOut will create a route based on walking, cycling, road size and elevation gain.
4. You can draw routes with your finger and see the distance, elevation profile and vertical metres gained in real-time.
5. You can adjust routes with your finger too, just trace from your existing route to the roads you want to use.
6. Analyse specific sections of your route by adjusting the A and B points.
7. 3D tilt allows you to see what the terrain looks like!
8. Instant point-to-point elevation profiles by holding two fingers on the screen.
9. Easily import GPX routes that you’ve created or downloaded from elsewhere.
10. Easily export GPX routes that you’ve created or modified in the app.

What Are The New Features?


When you click on a segment of your route:
– It will tell you the elevation gain and loss for the section between your A and B points (you can adjust them).
– It shows the maximum gradient up and down.
– It gives both estimated walking and riding times (riding time is without much luggage).

You Can Get MapOut In The App Store For $4.99, No Subscription And Free Map Tiles For The Entire World!