Lachlan Morton’s Record Breaking Tour Divide Gear List (344km Per Day)

Panniers can be fast!

Lachlan Morton recently set a blistering ITT time of 12 days, 12 hours and 21 minutes to get from Banff to Antelope Wells on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

For those who aren’t familiar, this 4296km/2670mi dirt road route traverses the length of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to the Mexican border. It’s not flat either – Lachlan had to muscle up 58,521m/192,000ft vertical on his journey.

So, what bike setup does it take to average a distance of 344km/214mi per day over endless dirt roads?

Let’s dig into the details and the reasons behind Lachlan’s bike and kit setup.

Lachlan Morton’s Tour Divide Bike

Lachlan Morton’s lightweight Cannondale Scalpel Hi-MOD Ultimate. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • The bike is lightweight, has a wide gear range, suspension for rough surfaces, and lots of hand positions.
  • Wireless blips on aero bars.
  • Spot tracker and zip ties attached to the handlebars.
  • Roll of spare tape around the seatpost.

FrameCannondale Scalpel Hi-MOD Ultimate
ForkCannondale Lefty Ocho, 100mm travel
DrivetrainSRAM XX1 AXS, 38T chainring, 10-52t cassette
BrakesSRAM Level Ultimate
WheelsFSA Gradient Off-road i29
TyresVittoria Mezcal Graphene 2.0 29×2.35”, rear tyre changed halfway through as a precaution
Tire Inserts – Vittoria Airliner Light XC
HandlebarFSA KFX Carbon flat bar, 9-degree sweep, cut to 640mm with FSA TT extensions
Inner bar endsMore hand positions
StemFSA adjustable
Seatpost FSA Flowtron XC dropper, nice to change your saddle height a bit to recruit different muscles
SaddlePrologo Scratch M5 PAS, extra padded
GPS unitWahoo Elemnt Bolt
Lights – 2x Fenix BC26R Rechargeable, 1600 lumens each

Bag Setup

The bag setup is a bit unconventional with panniers. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • The idea was to carry everything Lachlan wanted and needed.
  • Additional volume for extra food/water, maximum water carried was 5.5 litres.
  • Side panniers provided a lot of space, and Lachlan liked their simplicity.
  • Lachlan can get to everything really quickly with this setup.

Panniers2x Tailfin 10-litre mini panniers
Rear RackTailfin AeroPack Carbon
AeroPack BagTailfin 20-litre prototype
Top Tube Bag – Tailfin 1.1-litre prototype
Down Tube Bags – 2x Tailfin 3-litre downtube packs

Total volume: 47.1 Litres


The pannier setup is not especially aerodynamic but fits Lachlan’s gear and food better. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • The panniers primarily carried clothes and food.

Pannier #1:
Puff jacket
Packs small and is warm
Rain jacketWorth its weight in gold, spent a lot of time in it
Waterproof rain pantsNecessary on this Divide ITT
2x padded cycling shortsTo alternate and allow one pair to dry while wearing the other

Hydration pack with 1.5L bladderUsed for additional water storage but packed away when not needed
500ml water flaskNests at the front of the hydration pack
First aid kitThankfully didn’t have to use it

Pannier #2:
Rain shell jacket
Additional warmth layer, dries quickly
Short sleeve undershirt – Warmth layer when cold but it’s cool enough for warm conditions too
Long Sleeve Undershirt – With neck gator, additional warmth layer
Arm warmers – Merino, warm, soft, dry quickly
Leg warmers – Merino, warm, soft, dry quickly
Gloves – Gas station gloves as it got a bit cold

Small dry bagFor dry clothes to wear off the bike
Eye mask
To fall asleep quickly
Gas station model as the original pair were lost on route
CowbellGift from someone on the route

Rack Pack

Lachlan went with a comfortable sleep setup as he was aiming to rest 12 out of every 48-hour block. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • Lachlan keeps his oversized sleeping gear in the 20-litre Aeropack bag.

Big sleeping bag – Good down to -15C/5F, no sleeping pad required because it was so thick!
REI Superlight Bivy – Comfortable single pole design that creates good ventilation and personal space
Chain lubeStuffed in a side pocket
Water filterStuffed in the other side pocket

Frame Pack

The Tailfin bags are not available for purchase but are instead getting put to the test. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • Mostly for electronics and personal items.

Top Section:
26,000mAh batteryAll that was needed
20,000mAh batteryBackup power bank, never used
USB wall chargerCharging at the hotel
Spare Wahoo GPS – Route loaded up because you never know
Headlamp – Good around camp, not really used while riding
AXS battery charger – 3x batteries, two batteries were depleted per day
2x Front light batteries – One spare was more than enough but nice to know there would always be light
Cables – More charging cables

Lower Section:
Foldable backpackGreat for shopping
Chamois cream – Necessary for a long ride
SuncreamLots of sun exposure
Toothpaste/brushDental hygiene

Side Pocket:
Passport – For the border control
Spokes – Spares just in case

Downtube Pack

The Cannondale Lefty is a unique form of suspension but is a proven performer. Image: EF Education-EasyPost
  • A 3-litre tool bag that was thankfully rarely accessed.

2x TubesNone were used
2x CO2 canistersGood for if you’re in a rush (eg. due to cold)
Tyre repair kitLevers, plugs, boots, a section of tyre sidewall, super glue
Chain repair kit3x chain quick links, 5x chain links, chain breaker
Voile strap – Didn’t need to use it
Other spares – AXS shifter battery, spare headphones, brake pads, derailleur hanger, spoke tool

Other Bags

Lachlan fitted a downtube pack to his aero bars for easy snack access. Image: EF Education-EasyPost

Downtube Pack 3-Litre Connected to the aerobars, primarily used for snacks (16-17 candy bars!)
Top Tube Pack 1.1-Litre Food, multi-tool, pocket knife, scissors, and rubbish storage

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