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For seven years now, I’ve been working hard to create the world’s best bike travel content. I’ve been travelling the world the majority of that time (150,000km+ across 100 countries) testing both equipment and the myriad of ways to improve the travel experience. On average, I spend 40 hours per week creating new articles, updating older resources, taking photos/videos, and sharing my travels around the world.

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All of the content you see on CyclingAbout is written by me, Alee Denham, as I cycle around the world.


If you find CyclingAbout valuable, you can support it to the degree that you find it valuable.
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I’m tremendously honoured to have a community of people who value what I do. And I’m looking forward to providing you with some really exciting new content in the future.

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Is this a subscription service?
This is a one-off site donation and the benefits last you for one year.

What payment options are there?
You can donate via credit card or using PayPal. If it’s better for you, I’m happy to offer the Diamond and Platinum levels of support on recurring payments every three or six months. Please get in touch if this works best for you.

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I will need a name (can be anonymous) and email, but that’s it. I don’t store your credit card info, nor do I share your e-mail address with anyone.

Why aren’t you running ads related to the site’s content?
For a decade, I’ve been thinking about how both my loyal readership and one-off visitors can support my work. I needed a revenue stream that (a) reflects the sheer number of readers here and (b) can provide a premium user experience to those who support my work.

The reason I’ve knocked back endless bike and gear-related advertising is that I don’t think I can do this without compromising the integrity of my work. The thing that’s really held me back all these years is ‘perceived honesty’. Even if I can get advertising revenue from a brand that I truly love, I want people to know for sure that my words here are honest. And if I’m using something I don’t like from a company that is also a paying customer, it’s difficult to maintain a good relationship with them while also being honest.

My mission has always been to create a forum for honest information of a sort that rarely exists in online media. After all, we all want to read what needs to be said about products. If you can afford to shout me a coffee every month in return for a higher-quality, unbiased, ad-free time on CyclingAbout.com, I’d be eternally grateful.

How do the article sponsorship and video chat work?
Article sponsorship allows site supporters to optionally be acknowledged at the start of the article for making the work possible. The support level, Platinum or Diamond – reflects the approximate time, resources, and research that goes into a single piece on CyclingAbout.com. The top level of support permits a one-hour video conversation with me. I’m happy to advise on anything related to buying bikes or gear, destinations or ways of best-conducting your trips. Or perhaps you’d like to simply compare travel experiences or discuss your ideas for other content on the website.

I’ve paid to support CyclingAbout, why haven’t I received any confirmation email?
The confirmation email may have gone to your ‘junk’ folder; please check that first. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the system or email address you inputted. Either way, contact me and I’ll have this sorted ASAP, but please be patient as I’m sometimes cycling in remote areas without a signal.

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If you find CyclingAbout valuable, you can support it to the degree that you find it valuable.