Baja Divide

Video: Our Full Experience Bikepacking The Baja Divide (2937km / 60 Days)

Join us on a journey down the 1,800 mile long Baja Divide off-road bikepacking route.

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Route Info:
🗺 Our Exact Route: RideWithGPS
🏕 Baja Divide Information: HERE
🌵 Baja Divide Route Guide + More: HERE

Baja Divide Sections:
1:30 – Santo Tomás to Cataviña
7:43 – Cataviña to Santa Rosalillita
12:37 – Santa Rosalillita to San Ignacio
17:17 – San Ignacio to Mulege
26:17 – Mulege to Ciudad Constitución
33:36 – Ciudad Constitución to La Paz
41:57 – Cape Loop
51:13 – Baja Divide Bike Setup

Baja Divide

Bike and Gear:
🚲 My Bike: KOGA WorldTraveller-S
⚒ My Gear List: HERE
📸 My Cameras: Panasonic G9 + 100-300mm lens + GoPro Hero 9 + DJI Mavic Air

Music Track List:
Desert Drives (Brent Wood)
Wild Ride (Ian Kelosky)
A Thousand Lakes (Sounds Like Sander)
Just Remember (Adrian Walther)
Rivers of Green (Third Age)
Oathkeeper (Four Trees)
Firestone (Pete Stewart)
I’ll Be With You (Moments)
HAGFD (Alsever Lake)
Wolfe’s End (Alsever Lake)
Still (Alsever Lake)
Swamp Ash (Crack Skippy)
This Love (Emorie)
Subtlety (Acreage)
Get Your Party On (Dr. Delight)
Wherever You Go (Emorie)
Storm The Castle (Andy Ellison)