australian outback

Video: We Biked 3,000KM Into The Australian Outback (Amazing Experience)

Join us on an Australian Outback bike adventure from the world’s biggest coral reef (Great Barrier Reef) to the world’s biggest rock (Uluru).

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Route Info:
 Our Exact Route: RideWithGPS
Race to the Rock Logistics Sheet: HERE

Music (in order): Preservation of Arts (Cody Martin), I’ve Been There (Alsever Lake), Thoughts Unfolding (Kurtis Park), The True Path (Chelsea McGough), Lifeline (Shells By The Sea), Hypnotized (Cast of Characters), Finding The Answer (Alsever Lake), Radiant Garden (Cody Martin), Dialogues (Rest Settle), Don’t You Wanna (Mikey Geiger), Exhale (Reveille), Creeping (Daniele Musto), Handwritten Letters (Brent Wood), Neon Feel (Matt Wigton), Desiertas (Cast of Characters), Breezehome (Cody Martin), Take A Breath (JeesGuy)

0:00 – Introduction
2:38 – Ravenswood to Lake Dunn
10:47 – Lake Dunn to Boulia
15:31 – Boulia to Alice Springs
27:46 – West MacDonnell Ranges
34:39 – Meereenie Loop
38:22 – King’s Canyon to Uluru
42:10 – Uluru
44:56 – Our Bike Setups

australian outback
Cycling the Australian Outback.